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Licensing Terms

Mp3 file
Instant Delivery After Purchase
  • 2 Track Mp3 File. Perfect for mixtapes.
  • 320Kbps MP3 File
  • Sell up to 2000 Units
  • Repeating Tags Removed
  • Commercial Use
  • Mixtape/Album
wav trackout (Most popular)
Instant Delivery After Purchase
  • Wav Trackout. Perfect for Professional Use.
  • Wav Trackout
  • 320Kbps MP3 File
  • Sell up to 10,000 Units
  • Repeating Tags Removed
  • Commercial Use
  • Mixtape/Album
Instant Delivery After Purchase
  • Perfect if you want exclusive use of beat with ownership.
  • Wav Trackout
  • 320Kbps MP3 File
  • Sell up to Unlimited Units
  • Repeating Tags Removed
  • Commercial Use
  • Mixtape/Album

Customer Testimonials

Artist - Yotsai

Artist - Euro Gotit

How do I buy beats from the store?
To buy the beats, simply click the +ADD-button next to them in the player on our homepage. You will then be able to select the desired licensing options. Once you selected the beats of your desired choice, you can than complete your order via PayPal or credit card by selecting the "Buy Now" button in the player. You will receive all files automatically right after payment.
Do you offer bundle deals on your beats?
Yes, we offer bundle deals on all of our beat licenses. We're currently running a buy 1 get 1 FREE. In order to use the bundle deal, simply select 2 beats with the same license to activate the discount.
Are the beats still tagged after I purchase?
All beats come with a signature intro tag, however all repeating tags are removed from the beats.
 Will I own the beat once I purchase it from your store?
Only if you purchase the exclusive rights license. All other licenses purchased from the beat store are non-exclusive. This means that the producer still owns the rights and the beat or beats can be licensed to other artists.
What are trackouts?
What trackouts mean is, every sound in the beat (drums, snares, hit hats, instruments, samples, vocals etc) will all be separated in high quality wav audio files also known as stems. This will give your audio engineer more control with the mixing and mastering process for the best sound possible.
Do I have to credit you as the producer?
Yes, please give credit to the producer as following "Prod. By Mini Producer"
 Can I download the files directly after I make the payment?
Yes. After you’ve made the payment you will be redirected to a secure download area where you can instantly download the files.
A confirmation email, which includes the download links, will be sent as well.
 I'm looking for a beat but I can't find it in your beat store?
There’s a search bar top left of the beat store.
1. Click on “Search”
2. Type in the name of the beat and wait until it shows up.
If the beat still doesn’t show up, it might be sold exclusively. In that case it’s no longer available.
 I have a different question...
No problem at all, email and you'll receive a response in less than 24 hours. is your one stop shop to buy rap and hip hop beats online. We have been in business for over 6 years and pride ourselves in having a diverse catalog of hip hop and rap instrumentals. We have been fortunate to work with talented rappers and singers from around the world. If you are looking to buy beats online or simply browsing the Internet for beats for sale from a top music library, is the place to buy. You can buy beats or buy rap beats online all from one place. After purchasing a beat from our catalog you will be able to instantly have access to download your beat. You have the option of obtaining a non exclusive license or an exclusive license. These different licensing options can help you decide on what will be best when you decide to buy a beat for your single, mixtape, or album. Be sure to see terms and conditions if you are interested in more details or sent an e-mail to customer service if you have any questions beyond the list terms. 

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